Lecture Notes

System process: Introduction

System process: Fundamentals

System process: Time and resource estimation, part 1

System process: Time and resource estimation, part 2

System process: CMMI, ISO

System process: UML, part 1

System process: UML, part 2

Database: Data modeling, part 1

Database: Data modeling, part 2

Database: Data normalization

Database: SQL basics: SELECT, INSERT

Database: SQL lab

Database: SQL joins, subqueries, views

Database: SQL homework 5

Database: SQL transactions, connections

Web: Introduction, HTTP


Web: Connecting Web and database

Web: Web and database: Forms

Web: Web and database

Web: XML

Web: Web services

Web: Web services: WSDL, registries

Web: Service oriented architecture, EDI

Security: Framework, concepts

Security: Protocols, part 1

Security: Protocols, part 2

Security: Cryptography

Security: SSL, Internet

Networks: System architecture, part 1

Networks: System architecture, part 2

Networks: Basic telecom technology

Networks: Wired LANs, WANs

Networks: Fiber optics

Networks: Wireless

Networks: Enterprise, VPN, MPLS. Course summary


Lecture 2 case study

Lecture 2 case study - solution

Homework 1 software process

Homework 1 software process - solution

Lecture 5 case study

Lecture 5 case study - solution

Homework 2 requirements, software estimation

Homework 2 requirements, software estimation - solution

Homework 3 UML model

Homework 4 data model

Homework 5 database implementation

Homework 6 Web basics

Lecture 24 case study

Lecture 24 case study- solution

Lecture 25 case study

Lecture 25 case study - solution

Lecture 27 case study

Lecture 27 case study - solution

Homework 7 Web site

Lecture 29 case study

Lecture 29 case study - solution

Homework 8 XML

Homework 8 XML - solution

Lecture 32 case study

Lecture 32 case study- solution

Lecture 33 case study

Lecture 33 case study- solution

Homework 9 security

Homework 9 security - solution

Lecture 34 case study

Lecture 34 case study- solution

Lecture 35 case study

Lecture 35 case study- solution

Lecture 36 case study

Lecture 36 case study- solution

Homework 10 communications

Homework 10 communications - solution


Fall 2013 Review for Quiz 1

Fall 2013 Quiz 1 solutions

Fall 2012 Quiz 1

Fall 2012 Quiz 1 solutions

Fall 2012 Quiz 2

Fall 2012 Quiz 2 solutions

Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies (Fall 2013)

Photograph taken inside One Wilshire of the cabinets used to hold networking equipment.

Inside One Wilshire. Cabinets hold the networking equipment inside One Wilshire, a 30-story "carrier hotel" in Los Angeles that is home to nearly 300 global internet and telecom service providers worldwide. (Photo courtesy of Xeni Jardin on Flickr.)


Dr. George Kocur

MIT Course Number

1.264J / ESD.264J

As Taught In

Fall 2013



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This course addresses information technology fundamentals, including project management and software processes, data modeling, UML, relational databases and SQL. Topics covered include internet technologies, such as XML, web services, and service-oriented architectures. This course provides an introduction to security and presents the fundamentals of telecommunications and includes a project that involves requirements / design, data model, database implementation, website, security and data network. No prior programming experience required.