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The Impact of Globalization on the Built Environment (Fall 2009)


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Image of a group of people layered on a world map.

The impacts of globalization extend to all areas of life, including business, culture, and language. (Image by Nicolle Rager Fuller, National Science Foundation.)


Mr. Derish M. Wolff

Prof. Fred Moavenzadeh

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1.463J / 11.342J / ESD.53J

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Fall 2009



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The course is designed to provide a better understanding of the built environment, globalization, the current financial crisis and the impact of these factors on the rapidly changing and evolving international architecture, engineering, construction fields.

We will, hopefully, obtain a better understanding of how these forces of globalization and the current financial crisis are having an impact on the built environment and how they will affect firms and your future career opportunities. We will also identify, review and discuss best practices and lessons that can be learned from recent events.

We will explore the "international built environment" in detail, examining how it functions and asking what are the managerial, entrepreneurial and professional opportunities, challenges and risks in it, especially growing crossover and multi-disciplinary opportunities; and we will seek to understand what makes this "built environment" so different from other sectors.