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How to Search for Airworthiness Directives using the FAA DRS Website

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Finding all the Applicable ADs is critical. Aircraft Owners are Responsible for AD Compliance, and Mechanics Certify that an Aircraft meets ALL Airworthiness Requirements when they sign the Log Entry for an Inspection. For this presentation we bring a Cessna 172S into our Virtual Shop and perform Airworthiness Directives (AD) research. The FAA DRS Website is used to identify Applicable ADs.  We will search for Aircraft, Engine, Propeller, and Appliance ADs. Emergency ADs and Bi-Weekly Listings are also reviewed.  Techniques, Tips, and Limitations are discussed. Includes a demonstration on how to generate AD lists from DRS. If you have difficulty using DRS for AD searches, this is the Webinar for you. 1 1/2 hours of  AMT-IA credit, or 1 1/2  WINGS credits for Knowledge Topic 3 will be awarded. 


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