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ALC-62: Aeronautical Decision Making for VFR Pilots

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Welcome to the "Aeronautical Decision Making for VFR Pilots" course.

Statistics show that at least three out of four aircraft accidents are related to human factors.  In previous times, the more descriptive term, “pilot error” was used. But most pilots are not careless or reckless and most take their flying seriously and make an effort to act responsibly.
Often, skill in handling the aircraft and a sound understanding of aeronautical principles is not enough.  Many skilled pilots have accidents because they made a bad decision, or made no decision at all.
This course is designed to provide pilots with some additional tools to aid in the decision making process. It is also intended to raise awareness of the need to identify and mitigate risk.
The course is based on the FAA's Risk Management Handbook and includes several interactions and quizzes to illustrate concepts and check understanding.

Technical help is available through the Help Desk; please send an email with your questions or comments.


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