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Spring and Summer Bring the Storms

FAASafety Wings Course

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In this training we will talk about one of the greatest dangers to aviation, thunderstorms. When evaluating accidents related with thunderstorms it became apparent that the associated dangers were not always recognized by aviators and possible evasive action was not carried out leading to disastrous results. Two other leading causes of summer weather related accidents are turbulence and IMC (Instrument Metrological Conditions). To gain the most utility and enjoyment from your airplane, you must be able to predict the location and severity of these threats and successfully navigate around them or through them,  or fly when conditions are more favorable. This is true for both VFR and IFR pilots. In this presentation you will gain a better understanding of the nature and risks associated with these hazards and how to use modern weather prediction tools and techniques to mitigate the risk of a potentially life threatening encounter with summer weather.

This Training will be lecture and a recorded live demonstration. 

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