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Global Strategy and Organization


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Chart showing global or local nature of various business functions overlaid on a map of the world.

A diagram showing the degree to which different management functions must assume a global or local role. (Diagram courtesy of Prof. Eleanor Westney; background map from Quick Maps of the World - and used with permission.)


Prof. Donald Lessard

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Spring 2008



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Companies today confront an increasing array of choices regarding markets, locations for key activities, outsourcing and ownership modes, and organization and processes for managing across borders. This course provides students with the conceptual tools necessary to understand and work effectively in today's interconnected world by developing strategic perspectives that link this changing environment, the state of the global industry, and the capabilities and position of the firm.

The goal of this subject is to provide the foundations for taking effective action in the multi-layered world of international business. The first section of the course provides frameworks for identifying and taking advantage of the opportunities presented in a dynamic global environment at the level of the country and industry. The second section of the course focuses on firm-level strategic choices regarding where to engage in which activities. The third section focuses on the challenges of integrating the multiple perspectives, functions, and interests that constitute the multinational firm.