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Avoiding Adverse Drug Interactions and Where's the sound?

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About this FAASafety Wings Course

Dr. Robert Gordon will speak in regards to the FAA and industry public education campaign emphasizing dangers of interactions between multiple prescription and/or over-the-counter drugs.

Teaching Points:

  • 42% of pilots in fatal crashes had some sort of drug/medication in their systems during the flight.
  • Some of these medications carry very specific warnings against operating machinery or motor vehicles or performing tasks requiring alertness. Flying certainly is included, even in a glider or hot-air balloon.  
  • Illicit drugs always impair human performance.
  • Healthcare providers may prescribe drugs that could compromise pilot’s abilities – especially if the doctor is not aware that the patient is a pilot.
  • Adverse reactions can also occur between prescribed or OTC medications and certain foods, beverages, and dietary supplements. 
  • Pilots must truthfully report all medical conditions and drug use on their medical application forms and should consult their AME with respect to all medical conditions and drug use before flight.

Maintenance FAASTeam Program Manager Don Brown will present - Where's the Sound? (AKA - Engine Failure after Maintenance.



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