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Carroll University, Waukesha Wi and Terra Vigilis, private commercial drone firm in Waukesha, Wisconsin, have teamed up to build and fly an environmental monitoring aerial laboratory that provides a platform to conduct both wave propagation impact assessments and water quality measurements for a wide range of lake and river applications. The measurements include multispectral aerial imagery, water quality (Dissolved Oxygen, PH, Temperature and Turbidity), and wave heights and frequency through photogrammetry and video analysis using small unmanned aircraft systems. 1pm CST

Main Speaker: Mike Mortensen and Tim Tyre, FAA Safety Representatives, Part 107 Commercial Operators, and Certified Flight Instructors,

Moderator: Levi Eastlick, Chief Pilot from the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics, FAA Safety Representative, Certified Flight Instructor.

Moderator: Jurg Grossenbacher FAASTeam Program Manager of the Milwaukee FSDO which will host this webinar.


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