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CFIT - Controlled Flight Into Terrain

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Although Controlled Flight into Terrain, is not on the FAA's Most Wanted list, it still remains one of the deadliest and most frequent General Aviation accident causes. According to the FAA, during a typical year, there are around 40 CFIT accidents, about half of which are fatal. Not surprisingly, flights with few visual cues, such as night operations and IMC flights, have a dramatically increased CFIT risk. 

CFIT statistics should raise the hairs on the back of every general aviation (GA) pilot’s neck: 80% of all CFIT accidents involve GA aircraft, of which 70% occur in single-engine models and most occur during the day in VFC conditions. Even more tragically, 75% of CFIT calamities result in the deaths of all occupants.

Whether you are a student pilot, an experienced pilot, a rusty pilot, or a CFI, increased knowledge about how and why CFIT occurs will benefit you. Please join the webinar to increase your knowledge on how to avoid CFIT events.


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