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Non-towered airport operations at Brookhaven Airport (HWV).

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The Farmingdale FSDO FAASTeam will be hosting a Brookhaven Airport (HWV) aviation safety virtual event. This safety webinar will include topics relevant to operations at non-towered airports and we will discuss safety related issues pertinent to operations at Brookhaven Airport. 

Representatives from the each of the major user groups will be in attendance to discuss standard operating procedures specific to their operation, including:

  • Banner Tow Operations
  • Flight Training Operations
  • Glider Operations
  • Skydive Operations

We will also discuss the voluntary noise abatement procedures recently approved by the Town.

Representatives from the Town of Brookhaven, NBAA, AOPA, & the FAA will be in attendance.


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  • Non-towered airport operations at Brookhaven Airport (HWV). Enroll