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Legal Interpretations and Case Precedence for Aviation

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About this FAASafety Wings Course

This Presentation covers some important Interpretations rendered by the FAA Office of Chief Counsel. The focus is on the Aviation Regulations for Maintenance and Operation of aircraft. Owners, Pilots, Mechanics, Repairmen, and FAA Inspectors should find the presentation useful and informative.  Some questions we answer are: Where do I find Legal Interpretations? When is Engine TBO Mandatory? Can I placard inoperative equipment indefinitely?  Can a Maintenance Record Entry be made on a Sticker/Label, or does it have to be placed in the Logbook?  If I add a Quart of Oil, do I need to make a Maintenance record entry? Must I use the Current (Latest) version of a Manual when performing Maintenance? If the Manufacturer Revises the Airworthiness Limitations Section of the manual, must I follow the new requirements? Are Mandatory Service Bulletins Mandatory? What is the difference between an Overhaul and Rebuild? What must the FAA Prove if they allege I flew my airplane in an Unairworthy condition? Can I make and Install a Data plate to the Salvage Aircraft I purchased? Does an Annual Inspection sign off need to be entered into the Engine, Propeller and Aircraft Logbooks? Is Preventative Maintenance Limited to the 31 items listed in Part 43 Appendix A?  1.5 WINGS credt, 1.5 hour AMT credit.