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What is Your Angle and Rate? - Climbs in an Aircraft

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Pilots are familiar with Vx and Vy, and can usually recite them from memory for their aircraft. However, there many factors that impact the climb angle, rate and also speed. Join us for a review of these factors, and the impact, from a practical perspective. Learn about how modifications and their impact on your aircraft climb performance. Specialty types of operations such as external loads, towing and more will be used as examples. Also a few examples of where you may not be getting the "whole" truth from the manufacturer. A terrific review for those also completing Phase 1 testing in their experimental aircraft.

From the  November 2021 New England FAASTeam Webinar.

Also - Get an Excel spreadsheet where you can do your own little "Flight Test" to understand how your aircraft climbs!

1/2 (half) WINGS credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 2 and 1/2 WINGS credit for Master Knowledge Topic 2.


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  • Downloadable Template for Flight Testing - Vx & Vy. (Excel spreadsheet) Enroll
  • Video - What is Your Angle and Rate? - Climbs in an Aircraft (75 Min) Enroll
  • Quiz for Wings Credit Enroll