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Lighter Than Air Outreach Series - Flying Albuquerque- 2021

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About this FAASafety Wings Course

As Albuquerque prepares to welcome hundreds of balloon pilots from around the US and World, local flying expert Scott Appelman will discuss flying Albuquerque. From new pilots to seasoned pros, you'll learn a tip or two about flying the local area! Questions are encouraged with this LIVE presentation. 

Scott is the founder and president of Rainbow Ryders, Inc.- the largest balloon ride business in the United States. Rainbow Ryders operates 26 balloons year round doing over 2200 flights per year. Flying over 22,000 passengers annually. 

In 1983, Scott established Rainbow Ryders, Inc. a commercial hot air balloon company offering rides, tethers, promotions, instruction and all sales aspects of hot air ballooning. Rainbow Ryders, Inc. has operated the Official Hot Air Balloon Ride Concession for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta since 1999. Scott has logged more than 5100+ pilot in command flight hours, 700 tether hours, and is also a special shape balloon pilot.


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