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Project Appraisal in Developing Countries


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A photograph of a new road being constructed in Vietnam.  The photograph shows a recently graded dirt surface as well as curbs and and a drainage system.

A road and infrastructure project being implemented in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2001. (Image courtesy of Prof. Annette M. Kim.)


Prof. Annette M. Kim

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Spring 2005



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This course covers techniques of financial analysis of investment expenditures as well as the economic and distributive appraisal of those projects. The course gives special consideration to cases in the developing world. Students will engage in a critical analysis of these tools and their role in the political economy of international development. The course will cover topics such as alternative planning strategies for conditions of uncertainty; organizations and project cycle management; the political environment; and interactions of clients and advisers, engineers, planners, policy analysts, and other professionals.

Introductory micro-economics is a pre-requisite for this course.